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Author(s): Robert F. Baldwin and Paul B. Leonard
Year: 2015
Description/Abstract: Conservation decisions should be evaluated for how they meet conservation goals at multiple spatial extents. Conservation easements are land use decisions resulting from a combination of social and environmental conditions. An emerging area of research is the evaluation of spatial distribution of easements and their spatial correlates. We tested the relative influence of interacting social and environmental variables on the spatial distribution of conservation easements by ownership category and conservation status.
Journal/Source: PLoS ONE
Publisher: PLoS ONE
Full Citation: Baldwin RF, Leonard PB (2015) Interacting Social and Environmental Predictors for the Spatial Distribution of Conservation Lands. PLoS ONE 10(10): e0140540. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0140540
Author(s): Anderson, M.G., Vickery, B., Gorman, M., Gratton, L., Morrison, M., Maillet, J., Olivero, A., Ferree, C., Morse, D., Kehm, G., and K. Rosalska
Year: 2006
Description/Abstract: This report measures and summarizes the status of Nature Conservation in the Northern Appalachian / Acadian Ecoregion in 2006.
Publisher: The Nature Conservancy
Full Citation: Anderson, M.G., Vickery, B., Gorman, M., Gratton, L., Morrison, M., Maillet, J., Olivero, A., Ferree, C., Morse, D., Kehm, G., and K. Rosalska. 2006. The Northern Appalachian / Acadian Ecoregion: Conservation Assessment Status and Trends. The Nature Conservancy, Eastern Regional Science. 33 pp.

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Two Countries, One Forest   Two Countries, One Forest is a major Canadian-U.S. collaborative of conservation organizations, researchers, foundations and conservation-minded individuals. Our international community is focused on protection, conservation and restoration of forests and natural heritage from New York to Nova Scotia, across the Northern Appalachian/Acadian ecoregion.

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