Two Countries, One Forest
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Climate Change Connectivity, and Conservation

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“I appreciate you including non-science perspectives from the region and also success stories. These types of things help prompt new ideas and sharing.”

“I like the fact that this was a smaller group than the previous year; it was easier to meet people, move around (…) and also that this was the group targeted as the implementers.”

“It was inspiring to hear about other places and their efforts to achieve conservation. I really enjoyed stories from others.”

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“The discussion on each linkage was good for a holistic overview. It showed the challenges and opportunities of the scale we are working at.”

“It was inspiring to hear about the incredible progress going on in the northern US conservation movement. It was great to meet others working on similar things from different places and from different angles.”

“The unique collection/experience and enthusiasm of the group of folks that gathered with this common goal and the opportunity to interact with them (was a positive aspect of this workshop).”

Crossing Boundaries and Connecting Landscapes

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“A nice balance of strong science presentations and good group/individual participation.”

“The mix of science, grassroots fervour and the great diversity of delegates from across the region were great!”

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Wonderful to “make the link between the science, community and field work”

“Great gathering and great lunch!”

Great “mix blend of science, vision and philosophy”

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A “chance to network with others”

The Band and dancing were great!

What was one of the best things about the conference?

“Seeing the incredible amount of work and effort that has gone into the 2C1F projects these last few years, and hearing inspirational speakers present the work! Feeling enthused and wanting to go out there and do things.”