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Sensible Travels

In an effort to make our events as carbon neutral as possible we would like to encourage attendees to employ the most environmentally friendly travel options available to them. Simple actions such as car-pooling from your area or by picking people up along your way could really help ensure our gatherings have as small an environmental footprint as possible. Various travel options are listed below as well as Internet links for offsetting your travel carbon emissions. Thank you for doing your part in making our ecoregion healthier for multiple generations.

Train Travelers:

Via Rail Logo
Via Rail:
Via Rail Phone: 1 888-VIA-RAIL (1 888-842-7245)

Amtrack Logo
Amtrak Phone: 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)

Air Travelers:

Air travel is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions which are increasing climate changes. Visit the link to the following documents for more information on this issue.


You can reduce your emissions by selecting other forms of transport or by selecting more direct flights - the largest portion of fuel is used in take off and landing of airplanes. If you must fly, there are several ways in which you can ensure that your emissions are mitigated by using carbon offsets.

Canadian-Based Airlines
Air Canada has partnered with ZeroFootprint, a Toronto based organization that offers voluntary carbon offsetting for flights.

West Jet has partnered with to engage in a very successful carbon offset program. If booking with West Jet, please be sure to book through the link at since booking directly on the West Jet website will not allow for carbon offsetting to occur.

US-Based Airlines
Delta has partnered with The Conservation Fund for their offset program. The Conservation Fund and GO ZERO are the major carbon offsetting initiatives within the USA for those traveling with any American carrier.

Continental Airlines is also in partnership with Sustainable Travel International for a carbon offset program, so please be aware of this if booking with this airline.

American Airlines does not appear to have a program in place, though they are going to do so in the future. Please inquire about this if booking with this airline or use another online offsetting program (see links below).

These programs require some initiative on the part of the customer and a small financial component to invest in organizations, activities or technologies that work to counteract the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. However, given the burden of climate change impacts and adaptation, it is definitely wise to invest in offsetting.

Car Travel:

If traveling by car, please visit The Carbon Neutral Company online, or another of your favourite carbon offsetting websites (we all should have one!), to calculate what your contribution should be to offset your carbon emissions for the trip.


Air Canada's Carbon Offset Program

Climate Care

David Suzuki Foundation


Less Canada

Native Energy


Sustainable Travel International

The CarbonNeutral Company

Tree Canada

Zero Footprint